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At acchuman we employ a full service, value added team approach to serving our clients. These are the professionals with whom you will be working:
Mark Reidl 
Mark is the President of acchuman executive search inc. and is one of Canada’s most knowledgeable and experienced executive search consultants. Widely recognized for his entrepreneurial skills, it is Mark’s extensive industry knowledge and vast proprietary network of professionals, which sets him apart from his competition.

Mark has earned a respected reputation since 1998 for his creative and resourceful approach in identifying and attracting highly qualified professionals that are a strong cultural fit. However, it is his commitment to service and dedication to understanding his client’s corporation vision that is the earmark of his success.

While Mark has been dedicated to executive search since 1998 , he has built and managed his own successful business since 2000.

Dianne Leonard 
Dianne is a senior executive search consultant on the acchuman executive search inc. team. With over 17 years of success in the finance industry, Dianne prides herself on being an integral part of sourcing and placing the best of class in the Canadian financial services. Dianne is able to successfully find excellent people to help our clients build great organizations by utilizing her proven strategic approach that targets and isolates the most exclusive group of candidates, even on the most difficult searches. Dianne is a dedicated worker who is able to fulfill all mandates through building relationships and networking. With her experience, welcoming personality and in-depth information gathering approach, Dianne enriches every level of the client relationship. Dianne continues to stand out as a talented executive search consultant in the financial services industry.

Siân Lohan 
Siân is a seasoned professional with over twelve years of financial services related experience and has spent many years perfecting her skills in all areas of the executive search business. Siân has a proven track record of conceptualizing, developing and implementing business, marketing and promotional strategies. Innovative and a proactive problem solver Siân is an important part of the acchuman team. Siân is involved in all areas of acchuman’s business.

Abby Saymeh
Abby brings a multitude of skills from her financial background, analytical knowledge and industry experience. Her financial wisdom and foresight, along with attention the minor and major details have contributed to acchuman’s successes. Abby maintains her web of contacts and continually reaches out to establish new networking opportunities while keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry and its movements of people. Her dedicated efforts to acchuman’s day to day business makes her a valuable member of the team.

Trevor Murray
Trevor is a dedicated consultant with 10 plus years of experience in financial recruitment. Trevor draws on his background in compliance and insurance to assist in many intricate searches. He uses his industry knowledge, experience, and achievement-driven attitude to assist on the most complicated placements with resounding success.

Harriet Rogers
Harriet is a valuable asset to our team and assists with the coordination and managerial operations of acchuman.  She is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and courteousness while providing the best possible service to acchuman and our clients. Harriet is an effective organizer and researcher with a dedicated commitment to both clients and candidates.

"A mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
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